I stopped blogging.  But not to worry, I’m back!

To kick things off, there’s a giveaway going on at The Give-Away Diva until August 18th!   You can enter to win one of the following necklaces:

Annabel II- $34

Maribel I- $34

Maribel IV- $34

I hope to be doing more giveaways soon, cause who doesn’t love a giveaway?  But I’ll try to blog more often than just when there’s a giveaway going on.  I have taken a ton of photos with the intention of posting them to this blog, but I always forget to upload and edit them in time for relevance.  Here are a couple from the catalog:

Here is my cousin Kayla, visiting from Texas, and me- shamefully covering up my unpainted toes.

And here we are in front of an amazingly beautiful house that was for sale! For only 3.2 million.

So, I have been meaning to write about this neat nail polish my lovely husband bought for me while we were shopping on Balboa Island.  It was in the coolest bottle, and I couldn’t decide which color, so I got both.  And a topcoat that creates a matte finish, which may have been around forever, but I thought it was the greatest thing since sliced bread.  Let’s not talk about how much these cost…ahem, fourteendollarseach, ahem…let’s just remind the readers that I never find nail polish I like.  I have a tendency to try on 10 different shades on all 10 fingers, list the names in my phone, and then not really care about any of them enough to go back and buy one.  This time, I tried on 4 different shades on 4 fingers, and then kept my hand folded so people wouldn’t think I was indecisive.

So, I bought two colors I decided I’m really into this summer.  Let’s call them Summer Peach & Fruit Punch.  Not their real names, but close enough.  They’re made by a company called Butter London, and all nail products are ‘3 Free’, meaning ‘No Formaldehyde, No toluene, and No DBP (Phthales). Ever.’  So, you know, it would have been irresponsible for me NOT to buy them.  For the economy and for my health.   I have the orangey one on my toes currently, and if I had sandals that weren’t navy, I could match a few more outfits.  It’s still kind of coldish here, so I’m usually in ballet flats, anyway.  And no more open toed shoes at work, because it’s a paper store (read: death trap), and their reasoning is, “what if a box falls on your feet?!”

Anyway, back to my summer colors.  The second bowl from top here I like to call Grapefruit.  I bought it and two tiny bowls at Anthropologie the other day because it matched one of the polish colors.  Not sure if I’ve ever mentioned, but I have about twenty of these bowls in assorted colors that will look awesome one day when I have a house with glass front kitchen cabinets.   Maybe that house in Balboa.